Wednesday, March 25, 2015


Design is all around us. and goes through some sort of design process. Every person is a designer. We all create things and those things are designed by us, some just may create more than others. There are so many different aspects of our everyday lives that are designed and or have gone through some sort of design process. Things like music, painting, drawings, internet pages, articles, newspapers, writing and much more is all designed in some way or another.

With design being everywhere, the people who are highly creative can take advantage of that. There are people who design things and make money for it. You can get paid just to be creative and I think that concept is really cool. If I were to choose a backup career it would be computer graphics design. Being paid to do something so creative and enjoyable is absolutely awesome. There are so many different careers based off of design.

Design can influence many things in our lives. When a person is looking at buying a new car or house or whatever the case may be, design is always an aspect to be considered. A person will more than likely choose a nicer looking car rather than an awkward looking car based on the design. Many other decisions are made on the basis of this thought. People want to choose the choice that is more visually pleasing compared to the other option. For example, when I was looking at purchasing a new guitar for my collection the biggest aspect for me was the design of the guitar. I would rather have a guitar that looks nicer but plays worse oppose to a guitar that looks bad that plays well. Many other people can relate to my decision in some way or another, it more than likely wouldn’t have to do with guitar though. Due to the fact that design is all around us in so many different aspects, it is almost impossible to make a decision that isn’t at least slightly influenced by design.

Without design, our world wouldn’t be the same at all. Without design, creativity wouldn’t be expressed. Life as a whole is its own design. Evolution is design. The concept of design is so vast that it is hard to point and talk about just one certain aspect of it. The only way a person wouldn’t be capable of design is if they were born without the right hemisphere of their brain.

Thursday, March 5, 2015


Everyone has choices to make in their lives. Choices can range from being small in significance, to extremely important.
It is a choice to turn on the television, or read a newspaper in the morning or before you go to bed to catch up on any new events or see what the weather is like. You also have the choice to be uninformed and unaware of the events and things happening around you. I like to go on Reddit to receive some of my news, which is my choice. I prefer Reddit because my news is what I want. I choose what I want to see. News on the television is chosen by news corporations and they show you what they want you to see.News and journalism is constantly changing and evolving. Some companies and corporations are adapting, and those who are adapting are thriving. The news companies and corporations that are trying to capitalize on readers' opinions and what they want, and the companies listening to the consumers are the companies that seem to be doing well.
We all make decisions on where or if we receive our news. Some people choose not to receive any news at all. It is all a choice. Everyone has a right to see what they want to see. If someone prefers not to hear about something in their news, that is their choice. This may make the person seem ignorant to ignore certain subject, but it is not a bad thing.
Online news and journalism is becoming more and more popular with the advancement of technology, but it is now up to the reader to differentiate whether the news to they are reading is reliable or not. Online news is more personalized appose to conventional news methods. News companies/ corporations have the ability to sway your ideas and or opinions, whereas personalized news is something based on your own ideas and or opinions.
I think with the way society is changing, there will be no breaking through the 140-character attention span. It seems like people don't feel like reading long lengthy articles anymore, instead they prefer everything summed up as simple and to-the-point as possible. The real question seem to be how we will be able to inform the reader to the fullest of what we are writing about, all within the limited amount of characters we can use.
Everyone has a choice to participate in the things happening around them. We as journalists and news writers need to develop a way to get the reader to make the choice to participate.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Future of Journalism

Newspapers seem to used less for news than what they were before major advancements in technology.  News and journalism are constantly changing and it seems to be survival of the fittest. News sources who find better ways to interest the reader are doing well, whereas sources that do not adapt or evolve seem to be doing worse. The news sources and companies that are finding ways to grab the readers attention and keep them involved and interested in what they are offering are the ones who are doing better than the others. News is adapting to technology, and the ways of collecting news and reporting news are as well. Reporters have more tools at their disposal than they did 10 years ago per se. The job of the reporter will continue to change as technology and the interest of the consumer change.
The main struggles of creating our news application was thinking about what the consumer really wants. We wanted to create something that is interactive for the reader, something that is at least somewhat user-generated content. I personally love the idea of user-generated news that is regulated by a board of staff. The concept is that the reader can create their own stories, and after approval by staff, it can be uploaded to the app. To my dismay, our group slightly used this concept. We used the concept only for the opinion section.
News agencies are going to struggle with the adaptation of technology. Technology will only continue to become more and more advanced and for the news agencies to survive they need to adapt and most of all capitalize of the benefit of technology. Technology and the people themselves will have the greatest effect on news agencies on the future. My ideas are based on the advancement of technology and the vast interests of consumers.

Our Presentation

I helped by creating the concept of user generated content for our app. I also designed the application and logos on Photoshop. We could use improvement in group effort, with only 3 people actually working on the project.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Journalism in the Internet Age

Journalism is the activity or profession of writing for newspapers or magazines or of broadcasting news on radio or television. It is needed to help convey information to people, or just to inform people of certain things. The question for many seems to be whether or not Journalism will be able to adapt to the change in technology over time or even survive the age of the Internet. I think that journalism has thrived in this age of new technology. It has thrived because of the many different way a person can publish their own articles. Journalist don’t just have to stick to pen and paper anymore because they now have computers, phones, cameras, tablets, and most powerful of all, the Internet. A journalist can now go on their computer, type up an article, click publish, and now it can be seen by the eyes of millions. The internet is vast and is now one of the easiest ways to convey information to large amounts of people. I think one of the challenges for journalist in this age of technology is getting their article viewed when there are so many others to compete with. Another challenge would be for the consumer. The consumer may or may not know what is real journalism and what is fake. Many posts on social media apps and sites may appear to be real, fooling the reader and falsely informing them in which false statements and rumors may ensue. For journalism to continue to thrive and survive, it is not only in the hands of the journalists, it is also in the hands of the consumer.
Journalism has adapted to new technology, and because of that we as journalists have thrived.The purpose of journalism is to support us in understanding the things around us, providing the news and information we need. Anyone can be a journalist, and it is extremely easy now with the technology at our fingertips. Almost anyone can use this purpose to create their very own journalism.
Technology will never stop advancing, and journalism must continue to adapt to the changes in technology to continue to thrive. The world would be a very different place if journalism was nonexistent, and we must keep it alive.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

What is the Truth?

Truth to me is not something I believe in or think, it is something that is a fact or reality. The truth is something that can be proven with tangible evidence to back it up. The truth is not just an opinion in which you think sounds correct or something that people have told you to believe, it is a proven fact. All journalists should know that some peoples "truth" may not actually be true. They should understand that some "truth" could be lacking tangible evidence or information. Journalists should understand the difference between someone's opinion/ belief and what the truth actually is. To be loyal to the truth, a person must accept what is real, tangible, and true even if their belief or opinion may conflict with what reality might be. A high school journalist could find and report the truth by reporting something they themselves witnessed or experienced first hand, or interviewing people who experienced or witnessed first-hand experiences. This article does a great job on exemplifying how to find the truth, taken in the fact of all the rumors, myths, and lies.